Quality in ball screws

The ball screw is a Roller screw drive with balls as rolling elements, it serves to implement a rotational movement in a longitudinal movement or vice versa. Versatile are the requirements and the designs of a ball screw in practice.

Advantages of a ball screw:

  • The efficiency is up to 98% for ball screw
  • Higher service life due to almost wear-free running, due to the rolling friction only small losses occur.
  • Low drive power required
  • When rolling friction and high efficiency, the heating is correspondingly low
  • Accurate positioning
  • Higher process speeds
  • No stick-slip effect

Function A

By a rotational movement of the spindle creates a longitudinal movement of the mother.
By a longitudinal movement of the nut creates a rotational movement of the spindle.

Function B

By a longitudinal movement of the spindle creates a rotational movement of the nut.
By a rotational movement of the nut creates a longitudinal movement of the spindle.


The efficiency is up to 98% for ball screw, compared to the trapezoidal screw drive, which reaches a maximum of 30% due to higher friction losses.

This results in a very effective conversion of rotary into longitudinal movement.

I+F ball screws

We offer you ball screws in swirled, ground and rolled quality, which have proven themselves by low pitch tolerances and excellent surface quality.

Advantages of our production possibilities:

  • Cost-effective production for small and medium quantities
  • Series production of large quantities
  • Production of special gradients
  • Speed
  • High dimensional accuracy

The nut designs are all defined according to DIN 69051, in addition, customer-specific special shapes are manufactured.

Each ball screw drive receives a quality assurance check log after extensive inspection..

Product range Ball Screws

  • Diameter: 4 - 125 mm
    (smaller and larger diameters on request)
  • Gradient: from 1 mm
  • Length: up to 10 m (lengths over 10 m are possible on request)
  • right and left course
  • Tolerance classes from T3 DIN 69051
    (ground, swirled, rolled)


I+F ball screws are made of high quality materials that we introduce from Europe. The standard materials are as follows:
Ball screw spindle: 42 CrMo4V / 50 CrMo4 / CF-53 (material numbers: 1.7225 / 1.7228 / 1.1213)
Ball screw nuts: 100Cr6 / 15 CrNi6 / 16 MnCr5 (material numbers: 1.3505 / 1.5919 / 1.7131)

Applications of ball screws

Our ballscrews come atall for use in mechanical engineering, apparatus engineering, toolmaking, power plant construction, valve technology, medical technology (computed tomography), lifting systems, lifting tables, machine axes, drive systems, XYZ axle construction, electric cylinders.

Further product information as well as information on the calculation of average speed, load, service life, drive torque, drive power and permissible buckling force can be found in our PDF catalog.

In our company, you can not only buy ball screws, but also benefit from our customer service.