I+F Special products

In addition to our standard products and customizable standards, we develop special products for z.T. very specialized applications.

Telescopic spindles

An example of our developments is the "Telescope spindle", which offers unusual possibilities in the application. With the telescopic spindle (lifting columns, telescopic columns) we wanted to go high, it was developed to implement vertical movements with long stroke lengths.

The telescopic spindles come et al used in mobile parabolic antennas, locating, receiving and transmitting systems..

Other applications include large-tripod systems, small-lift systems, single to multi-column lifts, and dynamic, motorized masts.

Multi-stage, electric telescopic spindles

  • Up to 80 tons carrying capacity possible.
  • Designed and built according to customer requirements.
  • Heights, load capacities as required.
  • Also parallel running systems possible.